February 27, 2012

Macrame Bracelet

Hi All, I tried my hand at a new craft, 'Macrame'. Well, I could've bought better beads (matching this thread), or used some other thread, matching these beads, or any other I had. But, well, here is what I did. I'm not too happy with the bead-thread combo. I feel that I should've done it after selecting the beads and thread, taking more time. But I had guests over the weekend, staying over, and had a strict "no" from hubby to crafts, while they were here. So, had to do it in the very little time I got when everyone slept in the afternoon. :(

Anyways, this is what I made! The tutorial is here


  1. Like like.. should try different combos and materials...

    1. Will do. Thanks for your encouragement. :)