November 29, 2011

Tutorials for the Bag, Cushion and Pincushion

As I've got a request for tutorials of these, I'm giving the link to the pages from where I got these and for the pin cushion, I didn't take any pics while doing it, so will write up how to go about it.

I wanted to make a handbag for my friend and had been searching the net for patterns when I came across this. It was the closest I could get to the one I wanted to make. As you can see, I've changed the shape a little bit, and also omitted the zipped pocket and included pouches. Was too lazy. :) The method I used was more or less the same, except that for the top section, I used 2 layers of interfacing. So, it stays firm. And the magnetic press buttons keep the two sides together.

Cushion Cover
I got the inspiration for this from the different blogs I visited. Vani's blog describes the first part of the pattern. In fact, you can just do that and leave it. That itself is one pattern. But I found this pattern in another Portuguese blog. Here Sonia describes the process from beginning till end. Actually, for this, the stitching part is quite easy. It's the drawing part that's tedious. Here are a few pics which'll definitely give you a better idea on how to do it.

This is from where Vani's tutorial ends.

Fill each alternate space with the cushion filling, and stitch it close.

The circled area is where the filling has been added. And the rest of it is without the filling. You can also use it like that.

Pin Cushion
I got the pattern for this from a free e-book downloaded from I'm not sure if it is alright to give out the tutorial here on my blog, when they are giving it out in their e-book.


  1. Yeah, it is... It took me one and a half weeks of evenings to complete one. :)