November 21, 2011

Pin Cushion

I've seen many tutorials of pin cushions, and have wanted to make one for myself. But I never liked any one in particular, until I came across this one. I really loved it, the look and the concept. So, straight away sat down with the scraps of fabrics, and selected one for a simple button I had and here it is.. :)

This pin cushion is attached to a strip which can be wrapped around the wrist, and the press buttons are added for my wrist size. So, now, before I start cutting the material, or do anything that needs pins, I put the pin cushion on my wrist. And then go ahead with the rest of the stuff. It helps me keeps the pins very handy.. :) And no fear of misplacing the pins anymore... !!! 


  1. Aha! Very creative! ;) expected from you :)

  2. Thank you Chippa... :) Will post a tutorial for it soon, as you've asked. :)