September 7, 2011


Well, this is my first attempt at making a handbag, though not my first attempt at crafts/ stitching. I've always been interested in such stuff, from the time I can remember. I've always tried to make something myself, when I wanted to gift someone close to me. But never bothered to click a pic of it. After seeing many blogs where people display and give instruction to the things they make, I thought I'll do the same. Such blogs have been very helpful for me. Right now, I'm working on something, for which I got the instructions solely from blogs. But it's not complete yet, and I happened to click some pics of this handbag which I made to gift a friend.  At the time I did this, I didn't have any tutorial or pattern for this. But later, I found that there are lots of free patterns and tutorials available on the net for handbags and almost anything you ever want to stitch. This was a trial one. But thank God, it came out well. And my friend to whom I gifted it, just loved it, which made me even happier. :)

 That's the end product, from outside. And below is the photo of the inside of the bag. I added 2 small pockets to keep the mobile phone or keys or any other small item that you might want to take out easily. And I've added magnetic press button, for which I had to hunt a lot. Since I'm new to this kind of stitching, and I don't know anyone who does these here in Bangalore, I'm struggling to find the raw materials.

But it was fun making this. I really enjoyed it. :) Especially the part where I had to figure out how to cut the cloth. Tried it out a couple of times on paper. And the size, I had no clue. But I've cut paper patterns of all the pieces I used for this bag. If anyone is interested and wants to know, please do let me know. I'll add it to the blog.


  1. Roshni, i'm here for the first time. I reached here thru Ravlery. I can see a beautiful seamstress in you...keep up. Looks like your blog is silent since long time...come back with your beautiful works.

    1. Thanks a lot Nima. Though I stayed away from blogging and ravelry for some time, I did sew some stuff. Will blog about it soon, once I click the pictures. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. It sure inspires me, and helps to boost my confidence. :)